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  • Fresh Produce

    We offer fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from May-Oct. In the fall we offer pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, fresh cider. Come Christmas time we have Fresh cut christmas trees and homemade wreaths. Hope to see you soon.

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  • Ice Cream

    We have expanded in 2011 we our now offering soft serve and hard pack ice cream. Come check us out.

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  • About Us

    The farm has been in our family for over 100 years. We started selling cherries and pumpkins on the front lawn of the farm house. In 2001 we opened the doors to Groleau"s Farm Market.

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  • Seasoned Firewood $35 per box

    Mostly maple, some ash and oak hardwood cut to 16" lengths. Seasoned cut and processed right here at Groleaus - Great Firewood - one box is about 1/2 cord.

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Fresh Produce

DO WE HAVE PUMPKINS? YES, WE DO! All shapes and sizes from spooky to cute. Big, tall, fat, small, we sell ‘em all – get your pumpkins from Groleau’s Farm Market and get to making some scary faces. Ask about Pumpkin PIE’s!


With our addition this year we our now offering homemade pies, breads and lots of other goodies, we also have ice cream.  Come get different salsas, jams, pickles canned fruit, different sauces, maple syrup, honey.